Some Interesting But Relatively Unknown Facts

Some Interesting But Relatively Unknown Facts

Facts that you may find interesting.

In my last few years, i have found a variety of weird facts:

  • Cows milk is neither acidic or basic, but is in fact neutral.
  • Your breakfast was probably handled my hundreds of people (farmers, factory workers, supermarket cashiers and baggers, and everyone in between)
  • Runescape membership is cheaper than you might think. 5.95, the cost of a months membership, can be raised by simply not buying those 4 cans of coke, or 3 ice creams. (credit to Mr Sir for the info)
  • You can save hundreds of Euro just by turning off lights, having showers instead of baths, cycling, etc.
  • A casino with a roulette wheel can guarantee profit by adding the green number, which make the odds of winning on red/black 18/38. This means the casino wins just over half the time.
  • The sound of a siren on an ambulance will sound higher pitched when approaching, and lower pitched when moving away.
  • 20 million = the amount of sperm cells in just 1 milliliter of human semen.
  • Videos can be made by putting together hundreds of individual pictures. this is Stop motion animation. 
  • Money is worth more or less in different places. for example, 5 euro in a convenience store will buy you around 4 cokes, or 5 chocolate bars, or maybe even 2 loaves of bread. Online, however, 5 euro could buy you a laser pen, or 3 glow sticks, or a 2gb SD card.
  • Apple is waaaaaaaaaaay better than windows in all categories (other than price). Deal With It!
  • Players on RuneScape who tell other people to “get a life”, need to look in a mirror, and get a life themselves.
  • Although commonly believed by my classmates 6 years ago, in chess, the king cannot destroy all enemy pieces by “firin his lazor”. Also, the Pawns cannot suicide bomb, and the bishops cannot call meteor showers.
  • Swine Flu vaccines cannot cause swine flu, but they can sometimes cause mild drowsiness, and the injection hurts like hell.

Thats pretty much all i can think of for now :) have fun and please, COMMENT!

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albert1jemi, posted this comment on Jan 13th, 2010

thats was all great information

albert1jemi, posted this comment on Jan 13th, 2010

thats was excelllent information

runescapepro, posted this comment on Jan 22nd, 2010

Haha! That was nice.. =P

mkd1788, posted this comment on Jan 29th, 2010

interesting piece of information..great

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